MoguFes 2013

2013 brought you 41 booths. All Sponsor Pass (Six Day) holders received benefits at every booth.

Mogu Mogu Festival 2013 Booth List

Area Booth Profile Sponsor Pass Benefit
Atlas AKAMARU A Hawaiian taste that is perfect for summer. One free mini shaved ice + syrup.
BOMBAY BLUE Using plenty of Hokkaido ingredients, our professional Indian chefs make authentic Indian food. Please enjoy our freshly baked and piping hot food! Buy a total of 500 yen or more and get 10% off.
Cafe & Restaurant Nana We have returned again this year to provide delicious accompaniments for enjoying the views of Hakodate from Motomachi Park. We have the “churrasco” grilled skewers that are perfect to have at hand while imbibing. 100 yen off everything!
Cafe’TUTU Marche de KUROJIRU Add some spice to WMDF’s music, literally. One set price lets you choose any 4 of our 8 pinchos. We also have international wines. A ticket that can be used for reductions at the four places we run in town.
Chinese Food RiHaKu We sell our greatly popular Ma Po Tofu (Sichuan-style beancurd) in a special offer limited to the MoguFes – and freshly made jiaozi, one of the staples of Chinese cuisine. Gyouza (Chinese dumplings) Special: 6 for the price of 5!
Izumitei Char-grilled Yakiniku We use our very own fermentation technique, which brings out the quintessential flavour of original Japanese beef, in particular the especially tasty female cow. All our staff always provide hospitality in the spirit of a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, so that you can enjoy a wonderful time in a unique environment. 10% off.
La Paella cafe & Tapas Bar The characteristic of our shop is that overseas chefs create cuisine made with the finest Hokkaido ingredients. It represents the WMDF “Big Here” theme: you can enjoy the taste of Hokkaido, but with the feeling of travelling the world. Discount :¥100 off all menu items!
Smile Kebab We provide authentic Turkish cuisine! Our chefs are from Turkey, and they make Tantuni, kebabs, and amazing Turkish ice cream that needs to be seen to be believed. Upgrade to large serving size “omori” free.
Bunda Cocktail Bar CONCORD21, Cocktail &Shot bar Zabo, Bar KAT’Z A cocktail bar bringing you the authentic taste of the Cuban Mojito. It also has many other cocktails from around the world. Enjoy the taste of our authentic creations while relaxing in Motomachi Park. Spanish-made ham on the bone. One pack : ¥1000→¥800. Wine and ham set: ¥1400→¥1100.
Datebito Ah, drinking from the afternoon! We present Izakaya Datebito’s menu with a “world taste” twist that you can only sample during the Mogu Mogu Festival. Buy both food and drink and get 100 yen off.
Day Spa Puamuna Treatments by our professional therapists are very popular in Hakodate, healing both body and mind. Foot, hand and shoulder massages outdoors! A 10-minute free treatment ticket.
Ethnic Goods and Latin Barbecue CULTURA The authentic and daring Latin style of barbecue. We present the most popular spare rib and chorizo set! Our spicy taste is addictive! Upgrade to large “omori” serving free.
Hakodate Asaichi Butadon Poruko We use the best “kamikomi” pork that is lean but rich in taste. Only 2 or 3 pigs in a hundred qualifies to this standard. We also use Hokkaido “fukkurinko” rice to produce a speciality donburi! Buta-don reduced in price from 600 to 500 yen.
Kushi Bouzu You will be amazed when you see our food. You will be full when you east our food. You should at least try one dish! 50 Yen off everything.
Nepal Tea House We deliver the authentic taste of Nepal. Nan hot from the stove, and perfectly mild Nepali curry, plus Nan sandwiches. 100 yen off.
Nunokawa We sell fried octopus legs with chips, and our customers are welcome to have as much as they can fit into their bowls! Enjoy the heaping and be creative! 50 yen off every 250 yen spent per “all-you-can-fit” portion.
Pizzeria Uttino We make our pizzas gently with Hokkaido wheat, and cook them in a stone oven. With locally sourced goods, you get great taste as well as peace of mind. All goods 50 yen off.
Simdy sweel for NAIL Body art designed specifically for summer, and a menu of nail work, all carried out by a professional beautician at bargain festival prices. Especially popular with kids and with the ladies. 100 yen off.
YAKINIKU STORY USHIWAKA We think you will love the “Japanese Black” wagyuu beef that we use in our store. Our chief has trained extensively and the level of his Japanese food is superb. Upgrade to a large “omori” serving free when you order tongue stew and garlic rice.
base CAFE&BAR We provide organic coffee with warming foods and drinks. Our number one menu item every year is `Maple butter bread`! Everything 100 yen off.
Chara 710Candle Flickering like stars. Flames with a rhythm, like the beat of a human heart. A chance to contemplate, and feel a little peace. 100 yen off total.
AREA 23 We sell candles that take their inspiration from the strength of Hokkaido’s four seasons. We often provide decorations for events, so please check out our world of light! Make a purchase of 1600Yen or more and get 100 yen off.
Caw-Caw We sell Nordic antiques from Finland and Norway, and from the currently popular Northern European countries. We also stock Moomin-themed articles, and environmentally friendly goods. A present of natural rock salt.
Genghis Khan Temujin Ono Suffolk lamb is used in our sweet and spicy tasting Mongolian BBQ Genghis Khan rice bowl. Please enjoy! A free drink ticket to use at our Yunokawa shop (choice includes alcoholic drinks).
HIMALAYAN MATERIAL Handmade hats, belts, chords and other goods made from fairtrade hemp. Big Here: for every product you buy, we will plant one tree in Nepal. 10% off when total purchase is over 2000 yen.
Kitchen nosukeya All our products are handmade with a focus on safety and peace of mind. Numbers are limited, so make sure to hurry! A present of biscotti and rusk.
Kumaneko Shachuu Western Kitchen Sato This is a popular restaurant, with the emblem of the panda (kumaneko). Its theme is “hand made food and a wonderful time”. You can enjoy authentic Western food that is elaborately prepared. A coupon for a free custard pudding brule at our shop in town.
Mintaru and the World Health of the Seven Gods of Fortune We stock fair trade goods from Asia, Africa and South America. And, we offer Thai, Taiwanese, and Chinese massage. Make some connections with other worlds! Mintaru fair trade tea. A Seven Gods of Fortune Health map.
Nehana We import goods directly from Latin America and Africa. We also have organic foods and chemical-free vegetables. We give you a small experience of travel around the world, and at the same time are kind to your body. Customers buying Mexican bags or African cloth get 100 yen off.
Rose’s house Looking at and handling our colourful American junk will put a smile on your face! 100 yen off small goods.
Vietnamese sandals and bags “Xich Lo” We have a huge stock of pop and cute Vietnamese goods! For summer, we especially recommend our wood sandals: light, cool, and easy to wear, and extremely affordable. For every purchase we’ll give a free Vietnamese product!
select coffee shop Peacepiece A coffee shop under the flag of Hachiman! We sell our iced coffee and waffles with pride. Or how about a freshly brewed hot coffee for a chilly evening? Free coffee beans.
Deneb BAR OWN GOAL Based on last year’s first experience of Mogu Mogu, we are back with yet more Spanish pinchos to bring a world atmosphere to the Festival. Larger serving of wine, and 100 yen off food.
CHEF’S HOPE Chef’s Hope is a combination of six different shops, each of whose chefs offers specific meals as a daily special. Receive a gift of fresh blueberries with purchase.
N Harvest We specialise in organic, fair trade products, especially tea, rich spices, and dry fruits. We have a close relationship with Hunza (northwestern part of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan). 10% when total purchase is over 2000 yen.
RomioRi We are a small web shop that promotes original goods and handmade items made by creators both in Japan and internationally. RomioRI’s original can badge, which recycles WMDF “Kids Badges” from 004 and 005.
Yakitori Ootori Goryokaku’s “Ootori” yakitori restaurant debuts at WMDF! We will provide the same high class food as in our shop, with the same high level of service. A 500 Yen off coupon to be used at Yakitori Ootori in Goryokaku.
★STREET HASSLE★ We aim to create a store that will delight lovers of music and lovers of travel. Please pay us a visit. For purchases of ¥1,000 or more, we will discount the 5% consumption tax.
Furoshiki-size Colour Therapy Couleur By looking at colours, you can get deep insights into yourself. It is an intriguing therapy. Receive a 10% reduction on your therapy session.
LANDER GROUND TRIBES We directly import Indian jewelry, native American goods and handmade original silver products directly from the southwest of the USA. Receive a “Dream Catcher” present with your purchase.
haru-na-tei Sample our hugely popular chicken wings “tebasaki” in different international variations. We also have light and original cocktails. 50 yen off.
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