MoguFes 2022

The “Mogu Mogu” Festival, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan

Dozens of Booths, All the Senses

Bouncing back with a remarkable lineup. How was your last 3 years? Share your stories while enjoying a unique and multi-cultural environment, and maybe even some nice weather.

Area Name Profile
Atlas Churrascaria Try a blissful taste of Churrasco Brazilian-style and charcoal-grilled Hokkaido beef. Also, linguiça juicy Brazilian sausage.

Taj Mahal                  〜since1982〜

Hokkaidoʼs first Indian restaurant, opened in 1982. Taj Mahal uses the freshest ingredients with original recipes made by Indian cooks.
  HOKUTO Try our popular garlic shrimp and tapioca!
  Azuma-Jingisukan-Honpo Cubed and salted, our popular “Jingisukan” lamb dishes will power you up for the entire festival!
  SHIRO Enjoy fried chicken with our nationally popular “king of sauces”. Also hamburgers made with 100% Japanese beef patties and buns from the “Sapporo Donguri” bakery!
  WMDF Drinks Bar Bottled beer and soft drinks. Profits from the WMDF bars go straight back to running and improving the event. Bottoms up!
Bunda Concord21/Bar Kat’z/Bar Journey/Bar Sovereign Draft beer and many cocktails from around the world. Authentic creations all, we especially recommend a genuine Cuban Mojito.
  Jonny’s Chicken Wings Jonnyʼs Tebasaki Chicken Wings & Buffalo Wings. Original secret sauce based on local Hakodate Minamikayabe Kelp soy sauce. Addictive and delicious!
  Yakiniku Monogatari Ushikawa Winner of Hakodateʼs “Residents Choice” for Best Beef Tongue Yakiniku Restaurant. Beef tongue grilled on a skewer. Try it!
  Cold Rush Specialist shaved ice. Both “traditional” style and our “fuwa fuwa” version that shaves the ice so fine it goes fluffy. Long potatoes, too!
  Blue Toy A lucky dip of the most popular kidsʼ toys, and carefully selected toys and shiny things from Tokyo. Come entertain yourselves with us!
  Pieroth Japan K.K. Wine tastings from all over the world and pre-order wines direct from the winery. We welcome you to taste and to join our wine discussion.
  Machikado Crepe Crispy crepes made with the finest ingredients, and original drinks inspired by Hakodateʼs nostalgic cityscape!
  Cafe pan gi Enjoy Hong Kong yakisoba noodles ― chunky, slightly spicy and filling, and a warabimochi latte with homemade melt-in-your-mouth mochi.
  Jagaimo FACTORY produced by NANAMI The most delicious potato varieties of the season straight from the fryer, and our original “Deep Fried Margherita” pocket pizza you can eat one-handed.
  cafe Chakura Frozen fruit sours, tapioca drinks, and mocha parfaits made with hand-drip coffee. Many MoguFes-only special items!
  Fish & Chips UMINECO A set of fried fish and french fries. Squeeze the lemon and sprinkle with malt vinegar.
  Kinoshita Sake-ten & Makie Flower Enjoy the combination of sparkling wine and the red & white wines poured by Kinoshita Sake Shop and the “kawaii” floral goods by Makie Flower!
Chara cococolor – food & drink “Kitchen nosukeya” and “tune” team up for WMDF! Citron cakes, hot panini and non-alcoholic spicy sangria.
  Utopian Projects Let’s cherish the playful spirit of childhood! The concept of our handmade goods is filled with dreams… Full of fun and full of surprises.
  Hakodate Mono-Craft Market A wide variety of skilled craftsmen will help you to exercise your inner maker, in this mini but high volume output craft market.
  Mintaru & the Seven Lucky Gods of Health in the World Fair trade and organic goods friendly to both people and the earth, sparkling bracelets that make you feel festive, and “body flowing” to tune you up!
  CHAKA × Corazón Specialising in exotic and cute goods from Middle Eastern countries, Arabic sweets and Mexican goods. Plus, the soul drink “Choco Latte”!


Traditional Chinese Gua Sha massage experience using Chinese herbal oil (1,000 yen). salonNeNe fortune telling and clairvoyance (20 min 3,000 yen).
  Rose’s house/Phiseet Roseʼs houseʼs junk includes the familiar 300yen badges and unusual mugs, plus Thai-style Tok Sen massage, from a quick trial to full-fledged treatment.
  MamAfric UDJ is a platform that supports projects meeting local needs in Uganda. Bringing to MoguFes a selection of African crafts, & a shear butter extraction DIY experience!
  NATIVA ECUADOR CDs and DVDs of Ecuadorian music, especially this year’s WMDF artists “Taki”! A wide range of Ecuadorian goods to explore.
  Tsukinaga-gumi Kitchen, by Blanc Vert The “Tsukinaga-gumi” are renowned carptenters. See their handiwork in their self-built booth, and share the “craftsmanʼs food” that sustains their creative power.
Deneb Dining SURF Try our amazing “Cajyutta”! Juiced oranges or grapefruits still in their skins, so there is no need for a cup.
  Coppen We are a bread shop based in the “Michi no eki” in Kikonai. We are popular for our salted bread. Please try it!
  ironowa A small general store from the nature of Nanae Town welcomes you with handmade works and cute sundries that will make your life exciting.
  VERYCO Selected Indian cotton clothes and ethnic items from around the world. For some reason, we also have a full lineup of cat goods! A quirky and fascinating VERYCO world.
  Chinese Restaurant Rihaku The “sauce yakisoba” we created exclusively for MoguFes is back after 3 years! Plus, steamed buns, steamed dumplings and more!
  cafe yaya First time at MoguFes, and a new arrival in Motomachi. We offer a Hawaiian taste, with our Hawaiian salad, and also homemade lemonade!
  Ohta Fish Cake MoguFes-only products and also our top-selling “Hakodate Squid Mince”‒ Hokkaido cod, squid, and onions kneaded together and finished with crispy breadcrumbs!
  SOUNTRA ANYWHERE COFFEE A coffee parfait made from specially selected coffee beans soaked in milk for a full day. A summer-ready treat with rich and mellow aroma and pure and deep flavour.
  Hakodatesaurus Bargon We take your order and make your crepe in front of your eyes. Both savoury and sweet, 25 different selections will keep you coming back for more.
  Burger Shop HOTBOX This trailblazing charcoal-grill burger specialty restaurant offers American foods exclusively designed for Mogufes. A treat for stomach and for you!
  Pizzeria Dell’anima Florida’s large migrant community popularised the “Cuban Sandwich”. Enjoy the harmony of crispy butter-roasted pernil, roasted pork and cheese!

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