MoguFes 2017

Aug 5 – Aug 11, 2017

The “Mogu Mogu” Festival, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan

Dozens of Booths, All the Senses

Each year, in the spectacular surroundings of a park specially created for outdoor events in the vision of designer Kenichi Kimura, we bring you a treat for the soul. Food, drinks, massages, therapies, cool souvenirs and more. Join us to meet new worlds in Hakodate!

Area Name Menu
Atlas Smile Kebab Kebab Wrap, Kebab Rice Bowl, Turkish Ice Cream
Cocktail Bar CONCORD 21, Bar ZABOU, Bar KAT’Z, Bar JOURNEY Mojitos and Various Cocktails
BOMBAY BLUE Indian Curry, Nan Bread, Samosa
HARASHOKU Brazilian Barbecue, Portuguese Sausage, Beef Tongue
magical food Mochiko Chicken, Couscous Chicken, Chicken & Waffles
AKAMARU Garlic Shrimp, Garlic Beef
J Company Roasted Spare Ribs, Thai Soup, Grilled Thai Pork
Bunda Jonny’s Tebasaki Jonny’s Tebasaki Chicken Wings, Buffalo Wings
Pocket Pizza Koike’s Curry, Bu-chan, Ankoro-chan
Uganda Diaspora Japan Uganda Cuisine, Vegetable Wrap
Kinosita Sake Shop & Caldo Calcio & Makie Flower Capellini Cold Pasta, Imported Wines, Flower Crowns
COLD RUSH Mountain Snow-cones, Shaved Ice, Fruit Snow Ice
Asian Dining Bay Leaf Set of 3 Kinds of Curry, Spare Rib Salad, Keema curry
★STREET HUSSLE★ Sun-catchers, Cotton Pants, Cotton & Hemp Hats
naturE Pierced Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets
Cindy Sweet NAILS Nail Art for Kids, Gel Nails, Body Jewelry
chakura Soft Serve Ice Cream, Ice Coffee, Chiffon Cake
baes CAFE & BAR Organic African Coffee, Honey & Blue Cheese Bread, Nederburg Wines
Chara Soup Curry Gallup Chicken Curry Soup, Cinnamon Churros Sundae, Pineapple
Burger Shop HOTBOX Hamburgers, Salsa Burgers, Cheese Burgers
sports cafe & bar CAMP5 Pho Chicken Noodles, Nachos, Hard Cider, Cocktails, Wine
chillnowa Hemp Socks, Star Pen Lights, Coin Purses
Hakodate MONOCRAFT Market Leather craft and woodcraft, Miscellaneous Sundries, Healing Booth
Atelier Artepiritu Dundee dolls, Spiritual dolls, Taga and Maclame Accessories
Mintaru & the world’s healthy seven lucky gods Various Fair Trade Goods, Food and Clothes, Foot and Body Massage Therapy
The Farm of Science Ornithopter Flapping Wing Air Planes, Phosphorescent Bead Kaleidoscopes
Hakodate Saurus Bar-wagon Chocolate Banana Crepe, Sausage Tuna Crepe
Attractive-Navigate Ear Pressure Point Jewelry, Hand Massage, Gel Toe Nail Decorations
auwa+ Wormwood Oil, Gem Stones and Wire Jewelry
Asian Kitchen GAPAO Gappa Rice Spicy Tai Food Dish
LOVE THAI★LOVE JAPAN Thai Toksen Hammer Massage Therapy
Hawaiian Village Original Sundries, Jewelry and Beachwear
Xich-lo Asian and Vietnamese Sandals, Traditional Vietnamese Sundries
Select Coffee Shop Peace Piece Ice Coffee, Ice Cafe au Lait, Hot Coffee
Color Therapy Salon Colour Color Therapy, Card Therapy, Mosaic Therapy
Nohara Handmade Accessories
Deneb RAJIC collective Ecological Ethic Clothing, Foods and Sweets
N. HARVEST Organic Spices, Teas, and Dried Fruits
Caf_ Kitchen Ohana & Window Hana Limon Pancakes, Spam Rice Balls, Garlic Shrimp Plate
Chinese Restaurant Rihaku Hong Kong Fried Noodles, Kelp Spring Rolls,
Popcorn from Atsugawa
Chinese Restaurant Hongh Kong Fluffy Tomato Dumplings、Chinese Style Fried Chicken and Onions with Sweet Vinegar Soy Sauce Sauce, Apricot Parfait
Dining Surf Cajyutta Grapefruit Juice, Sparkling Fruit Juices, Garlic Shrimp
Tomoe Ohta Kamaboko Hakodate Style Deep Fried Squid Cakes, Crab Sticks, Octopus Meat Balls
Suntora Anywhere Coffee Coffee Parfait, Apple Ginger Juice
Atelier Artepiritu Dundee dolls, Spiritual dolls, Taga and Maclame Accessories
Cafe Pan Gi Coffees and Cafe Late, Churrito Deep Fried Cinnamon Flavored Pastry, Tapioca Juice
Rose’s House Novelty Key Chains, Buttons, Engraved Dog Tags
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