MoguFes 2014

In 2014, we brought you 50 booths: 34 selling food and 16 selling goods or services. With 18 first-time participants. and many of the booth vendors coming from outside Hokkaido, six days was barely long enough…

Mogu Mogu Festival 2014 Booth List

Area Name (E) Profile (E)
Atlas Akamaru A Hawaiian taste that is perfect for summer. Check out our garlic shrimp, garlic beef and tapioca juice!
Bombay Blue Using plenty of Hokkaido ingredients, our professional Indian chefs make authentic Indian food. Please enjoy our freshly baked and piping hot food!
Event Food J Company We bring you a panoply of foods from Brazil, the country of passion. Check out our large Brazilian sausages, rib cheese steaks and large Brazilian meat pies.
Harashoku We use authentic Brazilian cooking techniques to produce char-broiled meat in the churrasco style. We also have amazing shaved ice with fruit frozen as-it-is, and caipirinhas.
Paella, Burritos & Tropical Bar Our strong point is that foreign chefs cook using Hokkaido’s best ingredients. You can enjoy a taste that blends the many culinary worlds of their experience with a local flavour.
Murata Gourmet Star Our speciality is meat-on-a-stick, which we think you won’t find anywhere else. Please enjoy the shape and taste. We also have a Thai style salmon fritter we designed especially for the MoguFes!
Smile Kebab Our chefs represent three major world cuisines, and bring you authentic Turkish cuisine, this year with kebabs and long, long fried potatoes. We always strive to create delicious foods and to bring smiles to our customers’ faces.
Bunda Cocktail Bar Concord21, Cocktail &Shot bar Zabo, Bar Kat’z A cocktail bar bringing you the authentic taste of the Cuban Mojito. We also have many other cocktails from around the world. Enjoy the taste of our authentic creations while relaxing in Motomachi Park.
Cold Rush We are a specialist shaved ice shop with two types of dedicated machines. Perfect for summer!
Datebito Ah, drinking from the afternoon! We present Izakaya Datebito’s menu with a “world taste” twist that you can only sample during the Mogu Mogu Festival.
Day Spa Puamana Treatments by our professional therapists are very popular in Hakodate, healing both body and mind. We also have original cosmetics. Please drop by our relaxation station to experience our foot, hand and shoulder massages outdoors!
Dynamite Cafe Plus We run a multi-purpose cafe bar in Hakodate. We are bringing to MoguFes our hugely popular small size fried pizza, which is made using locally sourced ingredients including cheese, hamburger, lettuce and tomatoes.
Hinhoi, Nehana, PazarBazar Check out this triple collaboration booth by “Hinhoi” from Kobe, and “PazarBazar” and “Nehana” from Hakodate. Turkish and Lebanon wine!
Jonny’s Chicken Wings We are the originators of the idea of fried chicken wings with a bone removed. Our secret sauce is based on “gagome” kelp soy sauce produced in Minamikayabe, plus many other closely guarded refinements.
Kumaneko Shachuu Western Kitchen Sato Our popular restaurant uses the emblem of a panda (kumaneko). Our theme is “hand made food and a wonderful time”. You can enjoy many elaborately prepared treats.
Latin Barbecue Cultura The authentic and daring Latin style of barbecue. We present our always hugely popular spare rib and chorizo set! Our spicy taste is addictive! Veterans of WMDF since 2009, we are looking forward to meeting new worlds of experience this year.
Pizzeria Uttino We make our pizzas gently with Hokkaido wheat “HARUYUTAKA”, and cook them in a stone oven. With locally sourced goods, you get great taste as well as peace of mind.
Simdy sweel for Nail Body art designed specifically for summer, and a menu of nail work, all carried out by a professional beautician at bargain festival prices. Especially popular with kids and with the ladies.
YS Kaishou The freshest ingredients sourced from Hokkaido’s “funkawan” bay, such as squid, scallops and “tsubu-gai”. We introduce our unique YS Kaishou taste to make a culinary experience that definitively represents Mori-cho, north of Hakodate. Please relish it!
base Cafe&Bar We provide organic coffee with warming foods and drinks. Our number one menu item every year is “Maple butter bread”!
Chara 710Candle Flickering like stars. Flames with a rhythm, like the beat of a human heart. A chance to contemplate, and feel a little peace. Special this year: candle-making workshops. Place even the largest wish into the smallest flame.
Bali Omiyage We walked and walked around the island of Bali, and around Thailand and Nepal to search out interesting goods and musical instruments that can bring happiness to our customers.
Caw-Caw We sell Nordic antiques from Finland and Norway, and eco goods from the currently popular Northern European countries. This year, we feature a lot of Moomin goods, because of the anniversary of their creator, Tove Jansson.
Cocolo A collaboration of 4 shops brings you this mini Hawaii village in Hakodate. We sell Hawaiian food and aloha goods wearing traditional muumuu dresses. We think you will really enjoy this taste of the atmosphere of Hawaii.
Est Mode We are a beauty salon from Hakodate’s Tomioka-cho that offers support for all aspects of “aesthetics”. Our extensions, new hair styles, care, and accessories will get you into the festival spirit!
Hawaii Spark Hakodate & Handmade Accessories – natur E Hawaii Spark Hakodate is the Japanese branch of the Hawaiin brand SPARK, which is based in Waikiki. This is the only place in Japan where you can buy these goods.
Hawaiian Cafe (only Aug 5, 6, 7, 8) You can enjoy popular Hawaiian dishes such as Mochiko Chicken and Spam Onigiri! Oxtail curry, curry using octopus from Rumoi, and Hurricane popcorn are also waiting for you. Aloha!
Kitchen nosukeya Please enjoy Kitchen nosukeya’s special hot and crisp panini.
Korean Kitchen Agashi no Mise On the tram line near Hakodate station is “Agashi no Ten”, where you can snack on all kinds of Korean foods while relaxing with a drink! Our Korean pancakes, cheese topokki, and sundubu jjigae with special sauce are so good!
Kushi Bouzu Try a taste of the Netherlands with our “raspatat” potatoes. We think you will love the chewy texture. We also have jambalaya, tako-yaki, and even chocolate bananas!
Lander Ground Tribes (only Aug 6, 7, 8) We are an American Indian craft store in front of the Green Plaza in Daimon. We directly import Indian jewelry, native American goods and handmade original silver products from the southwest of the USA.
Na pua Hawaii We are a company that produces weddings in Hawaii. At WMDF, we are selling pancake mix, kona coffee, and many other goods imported directly from Hawaii.
Nunokawa We sell fried octopus legs with chips, and our customers are welcome to have as much as they can fit into their bowls! Enjoy the heaping and be creative!
Osteria Falcone We bring you genuine Italian home cooking, using the best Hokkaido produce. We have a special menu just for MoguFes. Try a “Spiedino” skewer of home-cooked meat, our great shellfish tomato soup, or our Focaccia. Our Italian wine is also the perfect accompaniment.
Restaurant nana-papa Hakodate equals great seafood, and we choose the best and combine it with traditional Hawaiin cooking techniques. We especially recommend our nana-papa shrimp dishes.
Rose’s house We purchase junk toys from overseas collectors. We have lots and lots of colourful and amusing goods.
Vietnamese sandals and bags “Xich Lo” We have a huge collection of pop and cute Vietnamese goods! This year’s recommendation is Vietnamese sandals. They will sell out early, so please drop by as soon as you can!
select coffee shop peacepiece Hot coffee, iced coffee, and iced cafe au lait. We source beans from locations such as Brazil, Guatemala, and Ethiopia, changing from day to day.
★Street Hassle★ We travel around the festivals of Japan. We carefully select and bring you really popular products. We particularly recommend our hanging ornaments.
界の健康七福神 Mintaru and the World Health of the Seven Gods of Fortune We stock fair trade goods from Asia, Africa and South America. And, we offer Thai and Taiwanese massage. Make some connections with other worlds!
Deneb Bar OwnGoal This is our third time at WMDF and MoguFes. This year, we are selling Spanish ham and tapas, and also have sparkling wine and baked cheesecake.
Bi-Bu Cafe (only Aug 9 & 10) Look for the orange wagon-type car. We sell an espresso that has a punch and also latte, plus we have Focaccia sandwiches, dolce and tiramisu!
Blanc Vert We are a French restaurant in Nanae-cho. We sell original food creations (especially using vegetables) and desserts that can be enjoyed while listening to music.
Chinese Cuisine “Rihaku” At MoguFes, we sell one of China’s signature dishes, Peking duck, done with our very own Rihaku twist. You can also order an appetiser plate that includes our Peking Duck, or try our many varieties of Chinese alcohol.
Makirin Flower, Kinoshita Sake-ten, Leather & Bar Ken A three-shop collaboration! Let’s drink wine from all over the world and be filled with Japanese soul food and world-themed “Omusubi”, sourced from south-Hokkaido foodstuffs. This is a one-off collaboration only made possible by WMDF!
N Harvest We specialise in organic, fair trade products, especially tea, rich spices, and dry fruits. We have a close relationship with Hunza (northwestern part of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan).
Turkish Kebab We sell kebabs that use lots of Hokkaido ingredients. We also recommend our “Bükme”, which is baked after sandwiching cheese and Hokkaido vegetables in a wheat-based pancake-like shell.
Yakiniku Story Ushiwaka Our selling point is that we have Japan’s best tongue meat and also “Hida” beef. Our home shop is open until three in the morning, and has a wealth of side menus. At WMDF, we offer an airy omelette with garlic rice, and also cucumbers that are great to munch on with a drink.
Furoshiki-size Bye Bye Nuclear Oma, Hakodate Walk (operates until sundown every day) Can we think about shifting from nuclear to natural energy? WMDF’s goal is “Long Now” thinking. We believe that questioning nuclear power is one way towards making a more sustainable and enjoyable place to live.
Colour Therapy Couleur (only Aug 8th, 9th &10th) This therapy is mystery, but it is also fun. We will tell you the meanings of colours and also some keywords to help you realise your true wishes.
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